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Detective Services Association

About us


Our Office


Introduction of Japan Investigation and Detective Services Association
In these years, a number of detective agencies have been increased in whole nation in Japan ten times more than the time 1998 when Tokyo Investigation and Detective Services Association was established. 10 years before, there are rarely clients that looking for detective service, on the contrary People really didn't recognize that private detective agency are actually existing. However day by day life has been changing, there were many clients looking for private detective agency. As a result, investigate company has been raised gradually and you can find plenty of detective agency by web-search in term of "detective" or "investigation" nowadays. There are many detective agency and investigate company based in Japan, therefore People really don't know where to contact with. We, Japan Investigation and Detective Services Association, established environment that you can check for our free-consulting service and we will keep on providing excellent service for any users. We are going to support clients completely and provide you best result with possible minimum fees. In addition, we make an effort to progress for industry of detective investigation by educating new agent with excellent curriculum. When you feel that you need detective agent for any matters, please contact with us. We are 100% reliable.




History of Japan Investigation and Detective Services Association
On January 1998, Tokyo Investigation and Detective Services Association has been established as investigate department for attorney office.
On January 2000, we expanded our investigate service for general clients and handling in Kanto area.
On January 2010, we expand handling area in Asian countries and United States.
At present, Japan Detective Investigate Association can handle in whole countries. Work area has been expanded in nation-wide. We are planning to expand our business in overseas continuously.



Business contents of Japan Investigation and Detective Services Association
Japan Investigation and Detective Services Association is detective agent that offering investigation, provision, and consulting. By the law of Detective service Act, it defined detective service is "operation that reporting a result on clients based by researching such as making an inquiry, tailing, and stakeout for the purpose of collecting right information that clients expect to get".


Business Contents:
♦ Surveillance, Infidelity Investigation, Post Matrimonial Investigation
♦ Missing people, Finding debtor: old friend: ex-girl friends
♦ Credit Check, Business identification search, Personal asset investigation
♦ Background Checks, Pre Matrimonial Investigation
♦ Criminal Background check, A fight against Stalkers, Examination of Harassment, Examination of Hate Campaign
♦ Other Examination, Spy investigation, M&A examination, Market research, Asset research, Oversea research



Costs / Fees


Actual Cost of detective investigation and approaches of Japan detective investigation Association
It is really important matters for clients to consider cost as well as consequence of investigation. Regarding cost of investigation, no places offer you the same amount of money. As a fact, all detective agencies set the fee differently. The reason why this happen was that every detective agent provide clients with different investigate clue and offer you different request, term, and difficulty. You also have to consider your detective agents' business scale. For Example, larger company tends to offer you great service with bigger amount of fee because they spent a lot of money on advertisement to get new customers, but you can actually acquire good result with high possibilities. On the other side, smaller company usually offers you less amount of money. However as it proceeds, if you ask them to do something more you might have to pay extra service fee. There is no right or wrong between bigger companies and smaller ones, all we can say is that you should choose the right company that meets your demand. Japan detective investigate association will satisfy you with the best quality by offering you less cost of money and excellent knowledge. Anyone who have worried about cost of investigation and don't know where to inquire, please contact us for free-consulting service. In addition, we are also welcome for anyone who has signed the contract with other detective agent and still skeptical about them, you can always ask our free-consulting service.
Less cost of detective investigation and get best consequence
To get best result with less cost of money, all client need to cooperate in investigation without asking everything to their agents. In actual, you can get satisfied result by giving a lot of useful information and you can ask them discount for investigation fee. We, Japan detective investigate Association, would make a plan for best investigation clue with meets your budget and give you best result with minimum payments. You can always contact us for free-consulting service via E-mail or face to face meeting regarding investigation clue, term, and cost. Anyone looking for detective service for the first time, please contact our investigate specialists. For free-consulting, you can either come visit our office or we can meet anywhere convenient for you. Of course there would be no charges.


Market Rate of investigation cost
The list below shows our quotes for investigation.
Please consult us first because cost would be different from search content, terms, and difficulty. Here are some examples.


  • Surveillance, Back ground check for 3 days
    About 90,000 JPY
  • Infidelity & Love Affair Search for 3 days
    About 120,000 JPY
  • Find Missing people
    About 50,000 JPY
  • Credit check for private
    About 30,000 JPY
  • Credit check for corporate
    About 50,000 JPY
  • Bug Sweep, Security Measures
    About 20,000 JPY
  • Manage Stalkers troubles
    About 50,000 JPY
  • Other Data Base Search
    About 15,000 JPY



※Cautions: The list above is not the price list. We set investigation systems that can adapt to your budget. If you have any question about price please contact us for free-consulting system.
Investigation Fee: Be careful for exceptionally high and low price offers
There are differential between detective agents for prices and payment methods. It is difficult to unify the price range in Detective industry because of Anti-Monopoly Act. However price would be drastically different from each detective agency because they set different price, clue, or terms. Anyone consider ordering for detective service for the first time, you have to read carefully below when you ask for the price.
If agent show you higher amount of money (e.g. over 1,000,000 JPY on estimate)
If agent show you smaller amount of money (e.g. 2,000 JPY to 20,000 YEN for mobilization fee on estimate). ※They might ask for extra charges later.
In order to get exact consequence, it is important to hire a good investigator with fair investigation fee. If you have any questions about system or price range as well as anyone look for agent please contact us for free-consulting service. We introduce you fair service charge based on your requirement.





1. Free-consulting service via Phone
Once you thought you need assistant from private detective agent to solve troubles or anything, please access our free-consulting service from Japan Investigation and Detective Services Association via phone call, via e-mailing, or you can fill out inquire form. Our expertise consultant will answer any question you brought. In addition, we will tell any detail information regarding investigation fee, investigation term, and research method. We will strongly recommend our easy to use consulting service especially for first time customer.


2. Free consulting service with face to face meeting
If you want to proceed to get estimate or need to talk more with our agent after taking our free consulting service, please visit nation-wide detective investigation consulting center. If you are busy or not be able to visit our office under any condition, our agent will visit you anywhere you want to meet us. We can talk about more details and specific estimate at that time. Of course there is no service charge.

3. Application and discussion for investigation
You might ask us your requirement when you apply for our service at meeting. We will discuss the investigate plan in detail with all the information you get such as general information and pictures. If you have any special demand, please feel free to notify our agent.


4. Research proposal and preliminary research
We will select the investigate team based on your research request, and then we will prepare number of stuff and require investigate equipment. After we are ready, we are ready, we are going to start with preliminary research based on the information you provided. In preliminary research, we will search for basic information in order to get through project smoothly and to cut down investigate fee. By doing this, we might be able to lower your investigate fee.


5. Actual research beginning and brief summary
Our talented team will implement the project. Our team has excellent knowledge and aim at perfect consequence, so they will always make an action with client's point of view. If anyone looking for brief summary on the process, we can describe timely information by mail or phone call.


6. Final report for investigation
After finished research, we will show you contents of investigation with paper document and video-taping if needed. Of course we will explain in detail. In addition, we will advise you further consulting and introduce you some experts based on your demand.









Important reminder for requesting investigate service


Caution on consulting
You have to consider if you really need to hire private detective agent or not. You might be able to get rid of your anxiety and suspiciousness without detective service, so what we suggest is to have our free consulting service. Our agent will describe you everything you need to know, therefore don't hesitate to contact with us.

Caution on meeting
If you are worried how to describe what is in your mind by mail or phone call, you can ask for face to face meeting. We can visit you, so don't worry about where you live or location. Of course it will not cost service charge to you.

Caution on applications
You have to understand what exactly written on application including investigate clue, estimate, etc. when you make a contract, we will consult with you regarding investigate fee and clients demand. If you have any more questions or concerning, please let us know.

Cautions on final report
You will get final report including document, pictures, and video-taping when investigation finished. As general, description is written by time basis. For example on surveillance, It must describe object person's activity in detailed such as where did he go, what time was it, and how did he get there or so. You might get extra information by words from the agents. You also have to think about not only result but also what to do next. In another word, you will realize what was going on in reality and finally you are going to face the fact. Many people can't just endure at that point. The important thing is how to overcome with facing the fact. Especially marriage problem, it is huge issue so you have to have strong mind and get ready to make an action for next steps. Even though result came out to be worst, you have to think how to move on with severe facts. We will do after-caring so please inform us anytime.



Find Right Agent


Key to have good investigate request


  • Check 1:

You should make a contract with company that shows clear estimate and reliable.

You shouldn't make contract if they don't explain estimate well or you think its ambiguous.


  • Check 2:

You have to find out if investigate company will secure your information
You might have to speak about your private part for collecting any kind of information when you consult. You should not make a contract those who seems not keep secrets.


  • Check 3:

To get rid of any trouble during the time and after, you have to communicate well.
Anything regarding investigation such as fee, clue, and schedule you have to consult with agent well. If there is any problem or troubles during the time, it might affect to result. Then you might waste money and opportunities.


  • Check 4:

You have to see agents who will be conscious to your feeling and situation
We believe that those companies would work precisely if they understand your situation and show dedication to you. If you don't communicate with your agent, they will bring you different result. The action will turn out to be wasting. Detective company must have intelligence and must be good at communication.




Our Promise


Absolutely no charge for investigate consulting and get estimate
Japan Investigation and Detective Services Association offer you free service such as investigate consulting, fee, and estimation. Please consult with us for anything you got. There are many people that solve the problems after we consult.
We save your privacy.
We set severe information management to protect your privacy. It never happened that your private will never leak to other party.
We are 100% on your side, believe us
We will implement the projects based on you position and feelings. We will always support you to accomplish your consequence.
Offering you clear estimation
Estimate has to be clear, not ambiguous. We will never charge service fee differ from our estimation and we will never change service fee without client's Acceptance.
We promise to implement investigation without any troubles.
We will always have precise meeting and set the project. We will forward investigation under any condition, if there has to be any changes we will confirm client's opinion.
We can consult after finishing investigation
It is not just end after client get result. We will support problem solution if you ask for more consulting.
We will implement investigation based on your request
As general, investigation has to be done by client's demand. Without collecting unneeded information off-target result, then you wouldn't lose your time and money.
There are some cases we can't accept
We never accept investigate request regarding violate law.



It's important to consider "secure result" and "affordable cost"


For anyone looking to hire a private detective, it is important to consider two things: "affordable cost" and "guaranteed result." In order to get the best results, it's important to cooperate with the investigation. In fact, you may be able to save time and money by providing accurate and effective information to your agent. Your cooperation will contribute greatly to how smooth the investigation will be conducted. With our knowledge and expertise, Japan Investigation and Detective Services Association can provide you with the best results that will meet your budget. We offer free consultation services for any questions about our investigation methods, terms, fees, or any other concerns you may have. Feel free to contact us anytime via phone or email. Our office is open 24-hours a day for face-to-face meetings to fit your schedule. In addition, we can also arrange a meeting at any place that's convenient for you.


  • Our Nationwide Toll Free Number : 0120-773-336
  • If calling from outside of Japan : +81-3-5770-8037
  • E-mail : click here!
  • Conpany addrese  : 4-7-1,Jingumae,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo,150-0001,Japan










What is Surveillance?
Surveillance is based on researching on objective person. We will make a report with documents, pictures, and videotaping. We are going to find out where this person goes to, who to meet and everything during Surveillance.

Examples of Surveillance
Want to know what exactly wife, husband and lover's activity.
• She/he might having affair
• He/she spent a lot of money and wonder what is that for.
• Suddenly not be able to contact..
• She/he started lying a lot.


Want to know what does my son/daughter is doing
• Start staying out recently, and wonder where they are.
• Found new friends from internet and it seem not safety
• My kids live apart now, wonder they go to school normally.


What is my worker doing at present.
• It gets hard to contact with my worker.
• He/she seems to visit to competitor.
• Want to research about our worker who have bad rumors about him/her from colleagues.

The fee of Surveillance
The cost will not be always same. Here are some examples that we have done before.


Case 1: Short term / Difficulty C
Fee of Surveillance 50,000JPY
Extension Fee 8,000JPY
Other expenses 7,200JPY
Total (Include tax) 68,100 JPY


Case 2 Mid term / Difficulty A
Fee of Surveillance 80,000JPY
Extension Fee 16,000JPY
Other Expense 9,500JPY
Total (Include tax) 110,300 JPY


The lists above are two different examples. It wouldn't cost equipment cost and labor.

When you order for Surveillance
First of all, please provide us information about objective person (such as name, address, work place).
Our agent will explain to you regarding contents of investigation. We will prepare estimate and brief explanation when you visit our office. Of course there is no service charge.



Infidelity Love Affair


What is Love affair & Infidelity search?
What we are going to do for Love affair & Infidelity research is that we will define who is his/her love are and try to get the fact that they are having affair. We will take pictures and video-taping that he/she are acting of unchastity at the moment. We also collect information about that person

I Want to confirm fact
• I would doubt if she might having affair from her action and words.
• He came home really late or don't come home. I wonder he is seeing other girl
• He/she tend to shut down their cell phone or put it somewhere.
• He/she work on weekends recently but it seems like salary didn't increase.

Wonder who he/she is.
• By looking over husband phone, He has contacted with same number a lot.
• She accepted the fact but she wouldn't talk about the guy.
• I need actual evidence that my partner's infidelity for divorce
• I know my partner has affair now, but never admit
• I decide to break up/ divorce, I can't claim for consolation money because I don't have evidence.
• My lawyer said I need the evidence to battle on divorce suit.

The fee of Love affair & Infidelity search
The cost will not be always same. Here are some examples that we have done before.


Case 1 / Difficulty A
Infidelity Research 50,000JPY
Extension Fee 16,000JPY
Other Expense 9,400JPY
Total (Include Tax) 78,700JPY


Case 2 / Difficulty B
Infidelity Research 80,000JPY
Extension Fee 23,000JPY
Other expense 11,000JPY
Total (Include Tax) 119,150JPY

The lists above are two different examples. It wouldn't cost equipment cost and labor.


When you order for Infidelity
When you order for Infidelity, please collect all the information you got already such as the objective person's info, picture, or anything. More info you got, you can negotiate the price. You can also check your partner's lifestyle and let agent know what you find out, then you can acquire better result.



Missing People


When you order for Infidelity
When you order for Infidelity, please collect all the information you got already such as the objective person's info, picture, or anything. More info you got, you can negotiate the price. You can also check your partner's lifestyle and let agent know what you find out, then you can acquire better result.

I Want to find family member that are missing long time
• Never came home after left home for work or school
• My kids live in apartment by himself, but he/she seem not coming back home so wonder where they are..

Want to know where absconders are
• The person disappear without pay back money
• I was going to marry this person, but disappear without notice.

Want to get contact info to see missing person
• I would like to meet the family who became a lifelong separation
• I want to meet my old friend or important person
• Want to contact with my first love


The fee of missing people search
The cost will not be always same. Here are some examples that we have done before.

Case 1, term:1 week / Difficulty C
Fee of missing people search 50,000JPY
Data Research 8,000JPY
Other Expense 6,300JPY
Total(Include Tax) 67,200JPY


Case 2, term: 21 days, Difficulty A
Fee of Missing people search 80,000JPY
Extension Fee 16,000JPY
Other Expense 12,000JPY
Total(Include tax) 112,800JPY


The lists above are two different examples. It wouldn't cost equipment cost and labor.


When you order for missing people search
If you are thing to get detective service for missing people search, we recommend you to make decision early. If object person has been disappeared for over 10 years, it way affect to investigation plan regarding terms, cost, and service charge. If someone just disappeared suddenly, you should confirm the situation and be ready to prepare the information as it is. That helps agent to find quickly with low service fee.



Credit check & post Matrimonial investigation


What is Credit check?
Credit check means that to identify the objective person or company. For example, check the person's reliability such as behavior, present status, and personal background.

I Want to identify person's status
• Want to know more about my girl friend
• Check if he/she has work or not.
• I want to check personal background if she/he has marriage record or their finance status.

Want to know the company before I start business together
• I heard some bad rumors about partner company
• I want to identify company's C.E.O

Want to confirm individual's reliabilities
• We are looking for new stuff, we would like to check the personal background before we hire.
• I would like to know the person's reliability before making contract for warrantor.


The fee of credit check
The cost will not be always same. Here are some examples that we have done before.


Case 1, Personal Back Ground, Difficulty A
Fee of Credit Check search 150,000JPY
Data Investigation 20,000JPY
Other Expense 3,200JPY
Total(Include Tax) 181,700JPY


Case 2, Personal Back Ground, Difficulty C
Fee of Credit Check 50,000JPY
Data Investigation 13,000JPY
Other Expense 1,500JPY
Total (Include Tax) 67,650JPY

The lists above are two different examples. It wouldn't cost equipment cost and labor.

When you order for credit check search
When you order for credit check, please let us know detailed how much you need the information about the person or company. If you tell us specific condition, we can define certain information you need. We don't want to collect all the information and it turned out that the information that we found was not so efficient or unneeded information. This will cost you extra money and waste your important time.
Please confirm what type of information you need, and then please have our consulting.



Post Matrimonial investigation


What is Post Matrimonial Investigation?
Post Matrimonial Investigation is research that identifying your partner's reliability, family condition, and any information about her/him to prepare for marriage.

Adequate Examination for marriage on partner
• If she/ he are seeing someone else
• Check if he/she has financing
• Have debt?
• Check if he/she sign for warrantor?
• If she/he has good health condition
• If partner has chronic disease
• If partner has drinking problem or Domestic violence?
• l Want to know if workplace is stable or not


The fee of Pre Matrimonial investigation
The cost will not be always same. Here are some examples that we have done before.


Case 1: Adequate Examination / Difficulty :C
Fee of Pre Matrimonial Investigation 50,000JPY
Data Investigation 15,000JPY
Other Expense 11,000JPY
Total(Include Tax)79,250JPY


Case 2: Adequate Examination / Difficulty:A
Fee of Pre Matrimonial Investigation 180,000JPY
Data Investigation 15,000JPY
Other Expense 6,500JPY
Total(Include Tax)211,250JPY

The lists above are two different examples. It wouldn't cost equipment cost and labor.


When you order for Pre Matrimonial Investigation
Please prepare information about your partner such as full-name, work place, address, and etc. We might use data examination since we need to have reliable information. If you have a lot of useful information about your partner, investigation fee would be cheaper than usual. We have expertise consultant on this field, our agent will explain you investigate method, terms, and everything you have questions.




Inquiry & Estimate Form


Easy-steps Inquiry & Estimate Form

Consultation is possible from here, for current problems,
contents of survey, requests etc.

※Please be assured that all information you send will be encrypted.
※If you are in a hurry free call 0120-773-336

Name (anonymous)
Contact number ※ Fixed line or mobile phone

※Please enable reception from PC

What you want to investigate※please tell me in detail
information so far
Other question or Message
Budget JPY






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